#ActiveNovember Commitment

I’ve seen a lot of #ActiveNovember hash-tagging going on. And since I am committed to being active anyways, I figured I’d join the fun. This November 2013, it is “Track Workout Saturdays” and today was the first!

My fiancé said he would participate as well. So, we geared up and went out to the track across the street from us for our workout. With the sun shining and getting to wear shorts and a long sleeve shirt in November, we prepared for a butt-kicking.

Keep in mind, little kid soccer is still in season so we felt the need to impress the 5-year-olds and their parents this lovely Boston morning. We could have gotten up earlier to avoid the Saturday rush, but you know how that goes.

Keep in mind, I used to loathe track workouts. Ugh. I am a distance runner, not a sprinter. I never felt like I was getting faster, just more tired. This sort of changed when we moved and found a park, track, and fields across the street from us in September. I have a new appreciation for track workouts now.

I’ve read article after article about speed training in Runner’s World and the like. However, we pretty much have always made up our own routines. So, here was today’s!


Total for Saturday, November 2

First #ActiveNovember track workout: 3.5 miles, 1 hour

  • Walk to the track (.25 miles)
  • Jog 1 lap
  • Walk curve, sprint straightaway (x2) 100% effort
  • Walk curve, straightaway lunges (for me, it was 94 lunges)
  • Walk curve, jog straightaway
  • Walk curve, sprint straightaway (x2) 75% effort
  • Jog 1 lap
  • Curve side-squats (56 each side, total 112 squats)
  • Jog 1 lap
  • 1 lap butt-kicks
  • Walk curve, sprint straightaway (x2) 100% effort
  • Walk back home through the park (.75 miles)

Upon getting home: water, shower, coffee, stretching, shredded wheat with skim milk and a banana with peanut butter while watching the Boston RedSox World Series Parade on TV! #BostonStrong

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